Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Cabin Fever + Craigslist = Massive Pattern Haul!

So my microfracture, torn meniscus and chondromalacia knee surgery recovery is coming along very slowly. I am still on pain meds and in physical therapy several times a week. It is gruelling and painful, but I am seeing improvements with each session.  

While it is frustrating to be laid up, I have been able to get some sewing projects completed. I am not up for photographing them on me just yet. If you follow on Instagram, you can see them and my daily musings there.

While laid up, I  found a listing for 600 retro/vintage sewing patterns for $125! I was intrigued knowing full well I do not have the space to store them, or life expectancy to sew them. I contacted the seller and asked to see sample pattern covers in my size hoping she would split the lot. She shared some beauties, but said she was unwilling to break it up. In a moment of great restraint, I told her I could not take them all, but asked her to let me know if she changed her mind.

600 patterns
Fast forward 2 weeks, and she had no takers! She called and I now have 96 more patterns in my stash. I don't have room to store them, but I can probably get these made in my lifetime.
My haul
Here are my new additions. I have decided not to tell you why I chose a particular pattern. I think you guys know my style and can see what appeals to me in them. Some of these "are so me" it will be easier for you to spot the odd pattern. I chose a couple of them to round up the price to a whole number. I wonder if you can tell which those are?  

Whew! Did you look at all of those? High Five! I think I got some good ones in there. Did I get too many jumpsuits and bodysuits? How many shift dresses are too many?  What do I make first? I will contemplate those questions while I continue to heal. 

Happy Sewing,