Thursday, June 22, 2017

Thanks! I Won!

Thanks so much for voting for my Bias Tape Dress! I won the Threads Magazine Sew Stylish Spring Challenge.

You can read all about the 2.5 weeks worth of work that went into the construction of this dress here.

Thanks so much!

Happy Sewing,

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Cold Shoulder Goes Hot With McCalls 9238


Last month, I participated Me Made May on Instagram. The goal is to encourage sewists to wear something they made, everyday in May. I used the month to take a critical eye at my closet focusing on what I go-to and what I make then abandon. I found that I make many a-line dresses in wovens or one of a kind creative pieces not suitable for everyday wear. I realized that I needed to mix up my wardrobe with more everyday knit pieces.

I used the month to discover and be inspired by what other sewists make. Tipstitched shared her version of Vogue 9238, a pattern I recently purchased. Considering my newly identified void in my wardrobe I decided to make it.

Image result for vogue 9238
To make my version, I used a black and white geometric ITY knit bought from Fabric Mart over a year ago. 
I love the vertical lines and curves of the of the flounce when paired with this fabric. 

This fabric however, diminishes the  impact of the front panel. It is not a deal breaker, but keep this in mind when considering your fabric if you decide to make it. 

It is an easy dress to make and  would not be difficult for a newbie in knit sewing. It can be sewn solely on a regular sewing machine. I used this dress however, to prove I do, in fact, need all of my machines. I set one machine with a ball point needle for regular sewing, another with a twin needle for hems and did seam finishing on my serger. 


I think McCalls missed an advertising opportunity with this pattern. The cold shoulder is nice, but this dress shines when the flounce is worn under the arms.

Not only does it look better, it feels better. The cold shoulder on this one got in the way a bit when I was carrying my handbag. Additionally, I love that I can wear it this way when the cold shoulder trend ends.

You have heard of secret pajamas right? Comfy clothes that feel like Pj's, but look like daytime wear. While wearing this, but before seeing these photos, I thought this dress was "secret sexy", my term for modest looking clothes that feel sexy while not looking like it. 

After seeing the pictures, I am not so sure. I think wearing it the cold shoulder way is "secret sexy". Wearing it with the flounce down, it tips to "obvious sexy" making it a perfect date night dress.

 Which is your favorite way to wear it? Cold or Hot?

Speaking of favorites, I entered two of my favorite creative makes in the Threads Magazine Sew Stylish Spring Challenge. They were both chosen as finalists in the contest. This is a good thing, but I am worried that it decreases my chances of winning as it splits my voting pool. Obviously, I hope people who don't know me, would love these and vote in my favor :). If you would like to vote for me, click here to go to the page. You can vote on as many devices you have :p. 

Thanks so much to those who saw my previous post and have voted for me. I appreciate it.

Happy Sewing,

Monday, June 12, 2017