Thursday, January 28, 2016

Fabric Printing and Finally a Sew Together Bag

Howdy! Long time no sew. I have been recovering from recent surgery for a torn meniscus and microfracture of my left knee. It is not my sewing knee, but it hurts lots and I am on heavy pain meds post- op. I have been busy in my mind, and able to steal only a few snippets of clear headedness to make anything.  I have long wanted to make the Sew Together Bag by Sew Demented and decided now was as good a time as any. 

Sew Together Bag
I have been playing around with fabric printing and made up this fun little bag in fabric that I hand-printed. I designed a large stamp based on a fun graphic. I used a combination of acrylic, foam and block printing to build my stamp.


I cut the bag pattern prior to my injury with the goal of sewing it up. While laid up in bed, I added embroidered details to my printed fabric. I randomly stitched French knots, and various shapes to fill the negative space and accent the flowers. I added more dimension to the bag front with Trapunto surface embellishment. To do this, I backed the top layer with a second layer of fabric and stitched around the hair shape. I cut a small hole in the second layer, filled it with polyester filler then I stitched it closed.    

After my embellishments I began sewing the bag. I am a visual learner and I found the included instructions for making this bag insufficient. I bought the pattern and never made it because, there were not enough illustrations.  I found a tutorial by The Quilt Barn that shows step-by-step pictures to accompany the pattern. It is wonderful and I suggest you follow it if you plan to make the bag. 

The bag is meant to carry sewing supplies and the three zipper pockets will keep my tools in order. The lining is leftover Lisette fabric and the pockets are made  from a fat quarter on hand.

I like the accordion sides to hold the pockets. The zipper strap is cleverly secured to the sides to create the handles.  This bag is a fun canvas to mix and match prints. It is not for the zipper phobic, but not difficult to make. 

It may be the meds, but I am pretty happy with my bag!  I have coveted the bags made by others and I am glad to have finally made it.

In this process, I have found I really love stamping my own fabric! Playing with colors, orientation, and design on various fabrics is really fun.  

Supa Fly!

Cool Breeze

Spring Time

I am still tweaking it all, but I am having fun with it all, can you tell? I may be adding some of these to my Etsy store if I can bear to part with them :)

Happy Sewing,