Saturday, December 29, 2018

Up All Night Pajamas! Embroidering on Velour!

Whenever I get a package from Nature's Fabrics, I have to open it in secret. My kids are fanatics for soft plush fabrics. Very often, they cuddle the fabrics, take them away and use them as blankets until I'm ready to sew them up. They are so adorable it takes all of my willpower to reclaim my fabrics.

With my most recent order, I purchased with them in mind. I received this Wedgewood Cotton Velour for my son:

                                                       Image result for Wedgewood Cotton Velour

and this Gray Sparkle Cotton Velour for my daughter:

          Gray Sparkle Cotton Velour

I had planned on making all-in-one pajamas for both of them using these fabrics. Little Miss loved her selection so much, she's asked for a day time outfit  over PJ's. Little Man was completely thrilled with the idea of wrapping his entire body in his fabric at night.

I thought Simplicity 1731 was a perfect choice for this. Both kids were thrilled with it for themselves and excited with the thought that I may make a set for the rest of the family (and maybe get a dog!).
My little guy has a passion for reading and doing so at bedtime. He has recently admitted to stretching his allotted reading time beyond light outs. It reminded me of an embroidery design by Designs by JuJu. I knew I wanted to add the "I Read Past My Bedtime" message to his pajamas.

This project was also an opportunity for me to try machine embroidery on plush fabric. The trick is to not crush the nap of the fibers while allowing the design to pop. I achieve this, I had to make a velour sandwich by layering tearaway embroidery stabilizer on the bottom, fabric in the middle, and water soluble stabilizer on top. 

The water-soluble stabilizer allows the stitches to rest on top of the velour without crushing the nap of the fabric.

The design stitched up beautifully in the colors the Little Man chose. He was up for the flowers, as long as I made them black! 

The pattern stitched up easily and quickly. After cutting the jump stitches, I un-hooped the fabric and removed the stabilizer by hand and water. 

I modified the pattern only slightly by omitting the neckline drawstring for the hood. He and his curls can't be contained!


He loves the side pocket and strange upper sleeve pocket placement. He is really pleased to have the sleeve and hem casings. Anyone else like retracting into your clothes like a turtle? It is a treat on cozy nights!


I made the size small. It fits great and he has room to grow. 

He absolutely loves these and has been wearing them nonstop since I made them. 

It has been the perfect outfit for staying up late and finding more adventures in a good book.

Happy Sewing and Happy New Year!