Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Cirque Dress Disaster! When Bad things Happen to Good Clothing

My super wonderful hubby tossed a few items into the washer. It was not enough to run a load so he didn't start it. I saw the items in there and tossed my laundry on top including my yellow Vogue 9112 Cirque Dress. Little did I know, he forgot to check his pockets and there was a pen in the pocket of his shirt!

When the washing was done, I discovered several garments including my dress spotted with ink. I loaded the unsoiled items into the dryer repeating the reminder, "I love my husband, I love my husband, I love my husband."

Ink Stained Cirque Dress
I looked at the stain and was sick to my stomach! I loved my dress and hated the thought of it being ruined.

Luckily, I had recently tie-dyed some t-shirts for my kiddos and still had the leftover dye bath. The dye was Rit Brand Turquoise color prepared per the stovetop package instructions. Thinking quickly, I reheated the dye and submerged the damp dress in the pot hoping to camouflage the stain. The resultant color was a unappetizing pea green with the ink still somewhat visible. The dyeing was not ideal, but it gave me hope that it was redeemable.

I ran to the store and bought another bottle of dye, this time in Denim. I added it to the lighter color dye bath, agitated it for 30 minutes and left it to sit in the pot completely submerged for an hour or so. I ran some errands and took it out when I returned home. 

When all was said and done, I was saying, I love my husband! I love my husband! I love my husband! The result of this pen oversight was a happy accident! Here is my new "denim" Cirque dress with no visible signs of the ink stains!

Worn here blueberry picking 4th of July Weekend!
I love the color accuracy of this dye! It looks like denim fabric without the weight of denim. 

The linen is airy and cool and best of all, I saved a dress I love!

The weight of my new Havana Twist braids forces the collar down, but I don't mind :).  I can pop it up again for more drama! I am so happy I was able salvage this dress! Have you had a sewing accident that you thought ended your project? Were you able to breathe new life into it? Please share!

I will be taking a sewing break for a bit. I hope to return soon with some hand-sewing projects and stencil designs. Until then,   

Happy Sewing,

Friday, July 3, 2015

I Won an Arrow Sewing Chair!

The Arrow Sewing Cabinet company was having contest this month to introduce a new chair style. For a chance to win, you had to strike a chair pose and send them a photo.

When they introduced the contest, I felt a little silly about participating, so I didn't. Then, the day before the contest was to close, the reminder to enter was posted. They had few entrants and I saw the odds are in my favor. Here is my entry.

I am glad I suspended my silliness! I was randomly selected! My new chair is on its way! I'll let you know how awesome it is when I get it!

(this post was written entirely on my phone please forgive any formatting errors. I'm on the road and I will correct them when I'm back at my computer)

Happy sewing,


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Haute Shorts and Bias Trim Babydoll Top in Ankara!

It is Summer and that means the need for cool, comfortable and easy clothes. I love cute shorts and fun tops. I have been dying to use some of the Ankara fabric I purchased earlier this year.  Lisa at Pattern and Branch made a pair of Ankara shorts that I thought were so adorable. Following her inspiration, I used the same pattern she did, but mine were not as flattering on me as hers. I searched my stash to find an alternative pattern for my shorts.

I found my Simplicity 1373 pattern that I used to make this tie back top here and liked the look of the shorts. They are simple shorts close fitting shorts with a side zipper.


I made the shorts in the size 12 with no fit adjustments. I made them as instructed except, I omitted the side slit at the hem and installed an invisible zipper. These shorts were easy to make and the instructions ere easy to follow. I like that these shorts are streamlined and no fuss. I like the length/ ease ratio on these. They are just short enough, while remaining decent and just loose enough, to not be bulky.


The babydoll top is made using Simplicity 1693 and trimmed in bias tape made in the Ankara fabric. I cut a size 12 and I found it is too big. It is meant to be loose, but the fit reminds me a maternity top. I think the weight of the cotton may account for the drape. I made one in a rayon and it falls well. I will post a photo wearing it on laundry day. 



I have tried to make continuous bias tape from a fat quarter and never had any luck. I get lost with the lines and cutting direction. I find I have much better luck using a quilt binder ruler. You lay the angle of the ruler on your straight edge of the fabric to get bias. My ruler makes 2.5 inch strips.       

I then passed the through my tape maker and pressed them.

I encased the neckline and armscyes in the trim and sewed. I should have accounted for the hems in those areas and trimmed them down; next time.                     
(Carrying my Coffee Bean Bag)

All in all, I love the shorts! The fit works for me and it has a simple silhouette. I will be making these again. I like the top okay, but will not make it in a cotton again. I may try it again in a very drapey fabric.

Happy Sewing,