Friday, July 3, 2015

I Won an Arrow Sewing Chair!

The Arrow Sewing Cabinet company was having contest this month to introduce a new chair style. For a chance to win, you had to strike a chair pose and send them a photo.

When they introduced the contest, I felt a little silly about participating, so I didn't. Then, the day before the contest was to close, the reminder to enter was posted. They had few entrants and I saw the odds are in my favor. Here is my entry.

I am glad I suspended my silliness! I was randomly selected! My new chair is on its way! I'll let you know how awesome it is when I get it!

(this post was written entirely on my phone please forgive any formatting errors. I'm on the road and I will correct them when I'm back at my computer)

Happy sewing,



  1. Congrats! I have a similar chair and I love it. It supports my lower back and has a storage area under the cushion. Very comfortable.