Monday, March 22, 2021

Searching for the Rainbow Connection


So much ugh! With this pandemic, the recent Texas freeze, and vaccine delays I am so ready for a change and a new season. I am very happy to welcome Spring and a wardrobe shift. I briefly saw a fun, multicolored dress on a commercial. I loved the irregular pattern of the bold colors and the tiered maxi style. It was fun, colorful and I was inspired to make one.  

The dress reminded me of one of my favorite maxi dress patterns, Butterick 5637. I am always looking for a reason to make this one.

After an extensive failed internet search for an irregular design rainbow fabric, I decided to make my own. I ordered 10, 1/2 yard cuts of bright colors of interlock knit fabric from Nature's Fabrics. 

The plan was pretty simple, I maintained the lengths of the 1/2 yard cuts and cut them to various widths. I pinned and serged them together along the long edges with variegated threads. 

After seeing the finished edge, I contemplated constructing the dress with the seams exposed. In the end, I decided it might be too busy with the color-blocking of this dress. I am storing that idea for another project down the road though.

I continued sewing until I had my yardage all sewn together.

Then, I cut the pattern out with my rotary cutter and my Strong Women pattern weights.

Strong Women Pattern Weights

I made a few changes to original design. I cut my usual size medium, but I could have sized the bodice down to a small. The pattern is designed for woven fabrics and with the switch to a knit, I had to remove excess fabric from the side seams. 


I omitted the gathers at the neckline in favor of a block design. The tight bunching was in conflict with the lines of the skirt. 

Because of the stretch of the fabric, I omitted the back zipper. Taking it off and on is not an issue so it was unnecessary. 

This dress was labor-intensive with my making the fabric and gathering 3 tiers of skirting. It was not difficult, but was a perfect temporary distraction from reality. I am pleased with the results of my work and the bit of brightness added to my wardrobe. 

Happy Sewing,