Thursday, January 17, 2019

Mama, Me and He: My "In Bloom" Fabric Got Hijacked

I am a bit obsessed with fabrics with metallic accents lately. I don't know if my fabric tastes were going that way or if those fabrics produced by Riley Blake Designs, are feeding that obsession.  

For this project, I chose the In bloom Gold Dot Sparkle and In bloom Gold Stripe Sparkle with the plan of making Butterick 6351 in the jumpsuit pictured in view D.
Image result for butterick 6351
When the fabric arrived, I was double teamed by the Littles! Both kids loved the sparkle and dots and stripes and asked (cute puppy-eye pleaded) for me to switch my plan to include projects for them. My jumpsuit plan needed a switch up.

I stuck with the pattern and decided on the dress from view C. I used the stripe for the front of the dress,  

and both the dots and stripe for the back

This dress style is a departure from my usual and I like it; the saturated gold is so beautiful. 

The children, proud of their victory, chose coordinating shirts with their share of the fabric.

Little Miss chose a tunic from Simplicity 8105. The insets were perfect to add stripe accents to contrast the polka dots.

The Little Man is on a never-ending quest to always wear pajamas! He chose the top from Simplicity 8806 and added a stripe pocket. The back and sleeves of both are made with a plush knit from my stash. 

I have been told that the days of them wanting me to make their clothes will come to an end. When we are scrapping it out over fabric catalogs and fabric deliveries, I can't see it. It brings me such joy to hear their input on their style, color choices and reasons behind them. They are so proud to wear the clothes they "designed" and I make for them. I will sacrifice any amount of yardage to hold onto those moments and share this process with them!

Happy Sewing,

Thursday, January 10, 2019

"Let's Be Mermaids!" Jumpsuit and Dress-up Purse.

Little Miss loves for me to sew for and with her. Lately, she has gotten very vocal about what she does, and does not want me to make. I used to be able to make something for her and receive a grateful smile and thanks. Now, as she is getting older, we discuss her tastes, preferences and her role in the sewing process. She says she does not want me to waste time making something

Today, I am sharing  Lets Be Mermaids   a collaboration between Riley Blake Designs, Little Miss and Me.

The Lets Be Mermaids collection is a fun line with designs we both loved! It has that perfect mix of feminine, cute, whimsical designs in a Springy range of colors. We were immediately drawn to the beautiful Scallops Periwinkle Sparkle with its' vibrant gold accents.The Let's Be Mermaids Main Mint
is a fabric we both squealed about when we saw it. The racial diversity of the mermaids spoke to this Bahamian island girl and meant we had to have it. 

I gave her creative control of this project and loved that she chose a jumpsuit (New Look 6389). It is perfect for the rambunctious play she enjoys while showcasing her personal style. 

She is a girl who loves frills and fluff, only if it does not get in the way of her fun. 
She chose this pattern because of the bodice flounce option and the shoulder strap style that suits her taste.         

This was a fast project to make and she was anxious to take it for a spin.

To complete her outfit, I designed and made this interchangeable bag for her. It is a child version of my Girls Night Out Tote bag that she can play with.

The body of the bag uses the Let's Be Mermaids Main Mint (silver metallic Essex linen for the front panel).

and it is lined with Scallops Periwinkle Sparkle with the Mermaids for a pocket to store the dress-up pieces.

She can dress her up as a mermaid 
or a regular girl. She can change her hair and clothes for endless hours of fun! 
We love this collection and have clearly been inspired by the lovely fabric. She wants lots more rompers in the other prints in the collection and personalized bags for all of her friends. 

If you would to make a bag for your little mermaid or merman, please tell me in the comments. I will be writing the pattern and seeking testers for girl and boy variations of the kits. If you would like to be considered as a tester, please send me an email me here.

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May your weekend be filled with lots of fun and the whimsy that can only come from the thrill of letting go to be mermaids. 

Happy Sewing,
Bianca and Little Miss