Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sewing for Starfish Kenya Second Session is on a roll.

Last summer, I began leading a sewing Journey Group at my church. You can read about last semester's progress here. We are at it again with another session and are sewing weekly until December. Anyone is invited to join with any skill level as long as long as they sign up before the group fills. Once again, the group filled up on the first day with people eager to sew for a cause. There is a wide range of skill levels and ages but a consistent level of enthusiasm!

We are continuing to sew shorts and dresses for the residents of the House of Hope at Starfish Kenya. This go round, we have started off spending the first couple of weeks just learning and cutting fabric. Next, we have moved onto the actual garment construction. It is really great to have varied skill levels in the group. The veteran sewits are happy to guide the novices and they are happy to be learning. The participants from the last session are thrilled to build on the skills they learned.

We are just getting into the swing of things, and we are all excited to keep working. Here are some work in progress photos. I will be updating as we move along.

Fabric cutting and cutting up!

I've got this!

So at home at the machine.

Some results and very proud women!

I am so excited to be working with such a delightful group of people! They are enthusiastic every week and generous with their time and resources.  We never seem to have enough time to work and I am always reminding them when it is time to leave. Fortunately, we still have many weeks to work and play together.

Happy Sewing,

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