Saturday, March 29, 2014

Estate Sale Treasures

On my previous post Fourkid commented that I should look for a Singer 201 machine to sew leather. I read her review, took her advice and did a quick search online and found an estate sale that was selling one. I did not find the listing until 4:45p.m. on Friday evening and the sale was ending at 5. I planned to be there when does opened at 10 a.m. on Saturday and made it. Unfortunately, the machine was gone already sold to some fortunate soul. I was sorely disappointed, but decided to look around and see want other offerings were available.

I found these vintage patterns.

Little Miss wants an Easter dress.

Love this Maxi Dress with double sleeves!

I love the shorts romper. Is it too young?

I love the collar on that cape.

Summer is coming!

Oh, I love view 2.

View 2 here

Umm, cannot explain what I love here, but look at those sleeves

Okay, omit the bolero, make a sleeveless maxi dress with an ultra wide tie belt in front. Use a solid  top and print skirt.

This maxi dress will take some size adjustments but I will give it a try.

I have not made a swimsuit yet, but this one will be the one.
In addition to those patterns, take a look at this hand-stitched appliqued skirt. 

It is made in India and tells quite a story. Look at all the wonderful workmanship that went into this.

I think the fish pond is my favorite section.

The best treasure of the day was meeting Rhonda and Donna of Blue Willow Estate Sales. These ladies were such a delight to talk with. We talked about sewing, quilting, and pursuing ones' passions. Sometimes you meet people and you know they are kindred. If my hubby hadn't taken the kids to the car and a line wasn't forming behind me, I could have chatted with them all day.  
I did not find my dream sewing machine, but all in all, I would say was a great day!

Happy Sewing!


  1. I love the long dress with special sleeves as well. So Mad Men-screaming for a 70s dress up party. Love all the treasures. What do you plan to do with the skirt? Lovely. Will keep my eyes out for the singer you seek.


    1. I want to go to a 70's dress up party! I haven't seen Mad Men, Should I watch it? I love shows like CSI, Dexter, and 24 but I am open to to good recommendation.

      I am not sure what to do with the skirt. It is too small for me to wear. I thought of cutting it (I know!) and mounting it like an art series?

      What do you suggest?

      Thanks for looking out for the machine for me. I found an antique Singer today! It is not the one I was looking for but, it it is fab nonetheless. I am doing some research on it, but when I know more about it, I will post! I am really excited about it!

    2. Third time, trying to respond. I am technically challenged. :). Girlfriend dressup parties are my specialty though we haven't done 70s yet. Wish you were closer and I would do it in a heartbeat. I like Mad men for the view it gives on the 60s. What a time and wow fashion. June Cleaver to Janis Joplin in one decade?! I can think of so many possibilities for your pretty skirt. Love the stories weaved in it.

  2. Sorry you missed out on the machine! I love that Vogue pattern.

    1. Thanks! That Vogue is wonderful isn't it! I found another machine today to make up for the loss of that one. I am doing some research on it now and will post when I have more information on it.