Sunday, June 15, 2014

Jumpsuit Redemption: From Meh! to Marvelous!

So, I am sure you recall my jumpsuit failure from this post. I was less than impressed with it, but was not going to give up on the jumpsuit idea altogether. I decided to give Simplicity 1355 a try. I liked the bodice of view C, but in the pants of view A.
Simplicity 1355
I had a black and white rayon challis print fabric in my stash. It has a slight texture to the right side and a wonderful drape. The pattern has a lot of ease and based on the the finished garment measurement I decided to cut the size small. The jumpsuit went together relatively fast with little trouble with one exception. The armscye is very deep and wide. Have a look here:

Look how wide size small is on BIRA
I decided to make a vertical dart in the side to reduce the gap. I chose a dart because I wanted to close the distance under the arm only, not the entire bodice.This was a simple fix that required minimal seam ripping of the binding I had completed. The pattern calls for bias tape here, but I felt it would have negatively impacted the drape, so I omitted it.

I had to remove this much on both sides.
I am undecided about whether going down to a size would have eliminated the need for this adjustment. The pants portion fit fine, if a bit loose. I am undecided because of the pockets in the pants. I feel like the pockets give added bulk but limited utility. They are too shallow to hold much more than a credit card. If you add pockets to your jumpsuit, I suggest you make them deeper. That being said, in a light weight fabric better pockets will weigh them down... I am a pocket lover and say skip the pockets on this one. In the photos below, my hands are in them as far as they will go. In any case, it is not a deal breaker on style. I like the end result.

The adjustment in the armsyce was needed and worked well.

I like the simple back detail.

And the front detail.
It feels good to have successful result after the other jumpsuit. It is good to know you can go from Meh! to Marvelous!

Happy Sewing,


  1. Very cute! Inspires me to add a jumpsuit to my closet ☺

  2. Nice and summery. Way better than the last one!

  3. This looks lovely on you. I love the fabric, and the fit.
    I have nominated you for a Liebster Award.
    Go here to find out more:

    1. Thanks so much Susan! I will do some nominating on Saturday! Thank you!

  4. This looks gorgeous on you - very professional !