Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dye! Dye! Dye! New Life for Vintage Lingerie

You all know that I have a love for all things, Mod, Hippie and '60's and '70's retro.  Earlier this year, a friend who owns an estate sale company had a household of vintage clothing. She felt  the items "screamed my vibe". She was right and I purchased the whole lot. In the lot was a collection of vintage lingerie including, full and half slips, camisoles, house coats, and pant slips. These lovely items reminded me of special occasions as a young girl and getting dressed in slips and pantyhose before leaving the house.

In a day and time where celebrities are "forgetting" to wear underwear, one may think there is no longer a place for these gems of the past. I looked through the lacy, silky, sultry garments and saw that they still had much life in them. After living with these garments for a few months and deciding how to use them, I was struck with a flash of inspiration. I would revitalize them with fabric dye making them wearable as outerwear! The effect of the dye on the fabric increases the opacity reducing the visibility of the under garments beneath.

I am feeling under the weather and am anxious to share this latest project with you. I got one (kinda) good shot before I enlisted the help of a friend to model a sampling of the garments.
Full Slip with Jersey Wrap

 Meet Cheri!

Full Slip dress with  Wrap Cardigan
Full Slip Dress with Denim Shirt
Camisole and Half Slip and Denim Jacket
Camisole and Half Slip and Denim Jacket
Maxi Skirt with Camisole as a scarf. 

I really love the one of a kind nature of each of these items. In making these, I felt like Christmas morning as a child. It was so thrilling to untie, unroll, and untwist each one piece not knowing what patterns would emerge. Some were  just as planned, others exceeded my hopes.

If you want to rock these items from the closet of a naughty Granny, you can! I have listed many of these gems in my Etsy store. Please stop by and take a look at them. I will be adding more to the store as I photograph them. Be sure to add the store to your favorites so you do not miss them.

Happy Sewing,


  1. Ooh yes, I love these and will check out your etsy shop for sure. I think we are repurposing sisters. My husband just gave me some tubing for his motorcycle tires that want to become something and I found an old US postal service bag to reuse. Eeeeee. (We are such geeks!)

    1. Geeks Unite! I can't wait to see what you do with them! Glad you like the slips!

  2. Just a quick peek at your Etsy shop - really lovely items. But no international posting? I have my eye on the teal and brown slip.....in case you change your mind

    1. Thank you so much! I guess my international policy isn't clear, so sorry. I will go back and clarify. I will ship internationally, just convo me with your country and I will respond with an accurate postage rate for you. I am happy to send these goodies abroad!