Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fabric Shopper: Flickr Super Swaps

It's time for another round of  Flickr Super Swaps. This time we got to choose whether we wanted a fabric shopper, a placemat or a seasonal item. I was partnered with someone who wanted a fabric shopper. She likes pastels, linen, and cloud themed fabric. Based on the specifications of the bag she wanted, I looked through my pattern stash decided to make Butterick 5380.
                         B5380, Tote

I really wanted to buy cloud themed fabric to go with my partners signature style. I had a sinus infection that knocked me on my rump and had no energy to shop for fabric (Shut Yo Mouth!). When I got well, I decided to shop my stash. I bought this fabric at the now closed Glick Textiles in Houston. They had $15 sealed cardboard boxes of fabric. You would buy all it sight unseen and have no clue what you were getting. It was such a thrill!

The pattern came together really fast without a hitch it is great for beginners. The only made two changes to the pattern. I omitted buttons the bias tape along the top of the pocket. Instead, I stitched the lining to the exterior pocket right sides together and flipped it. Here is the completed bag and a few added goodies.
Butterick 5380

The pockets go all the way around!

I love the interior capacity. I think I will make one as a sewing machine carrier. 

A few added goodies

I'm a strange person. I contract with myself and set private, sometimes trivial goals. Even when I wish I can break the contract with myself, I don't. My swap package arrived from my partner before I completed the bag I was giving. I refused to open it until I had completed the bag. It was really hard because I was anxious to see what I got. It was the motivation I needed to get it done. I held myself to my standard and was happily rewarded. Here are the goodies I received in the swap.

Happy Sewing,

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