Saturday, September 19, 2015

Make The Fabric Your Own: PR Sewing Bee Round 2

So I have advanced to Round 2 of the PR Sewing Bee. The challenge for this round is, to "add surface embellishments to existing fabric... then make a garment out of the fabric(s) that you embellished." We have 10 days to complete the garment, photograph it and write the review. Obviously, hand embellishing a jersey knit garment is the first thing that came to my mind. 

The time crunch is a limitation, but if there is a round for me to do well, it is this one. I decided to make a reversible "Texas Springer" ;p cardigan using Mccalls 6844. I have made this twice before, so I did not have to cut the pattern or worry about fit issues. I decided to use a stencil I used once before to future save time. I decided to combine hand-sewn and machine sewn elements to add texture and interest.

I immediately got to work on my airbrushing, cutting and stitching. I have been sewing in every free moment of this week! I am ahead of the deadline and oh so tired! I have a long list of "must dos" to tackle, so I had to hustle on this one. 


I  used navy blue for the exterior, light blue for the reverse and green and white for the interior reverse applique exposures. Don't miss this, I used two colors under the blue! This is completely new to me and I have not seen it done before anywhere else (granted, I have not been looking), but isn't it AWESOME?!

The main base layer is green and the white areas are achieved with circular inserts placed strategically behind some of the pointed flowers. I then machine stitched them in place before adding the green layer. This layer is secured by hand-sewing around the flowers before cutting the centers out.  

With all of the loose thread ends from the hand sewing, the inside needed to be lined. I decided to make the cardigan reversible. I added an applique feature to the reverse side along with exposing the seams and cutting a rag texture into them. 

Just as cool on the flip side.
Applique on the reverse side.

A little shoulder interest.
 I have written a full review for the contest, that can be read here.

Happy Sewing,


  1. Wow! This looks so comfortable and awesome. It has my vote. Good luck with round two.

  2. I think they should end the contest now and just declare you the winner. You are insane! Insanely awesome!!!! This is amazing! The outside is amazing, but then you did the inside!

    1. You rock! Thanks so much :-) from your mouth to the judges ears!

    2. I'm just now reading the PR newsletter and looking over all the entries. The winner's was great and a lot of work, but I still pick you. I think yours was more work and more complex (the thought process as well as the actual garment). I hope you do well in the next round. I'll be checking to see how it goes. Best wishes!

    3. You rock! Thanks so much for saying that; It means a lot coming from you. I know you know all the work that goes into hand-sewing. You know how cool my cardigan is! I think that may actually be a part of the problem, the judges may not know what a big job it was to make. I like JEF's coat, but winning would have been great. I hope to advance into the next round, but like I have said, who knows what they are looking for. The competition is fierce!

  3. WOW! Multiple layers - crazy! And those fringed seams - so cool!

  4. You need a button for: very beautiful!!