Monday, November 2, 2015

So Much More to Say About Quilt Festival! First Paper Piecing

Wowza! I had such a blast at The Houston International Quilt Festival. I met some wonderful people and bought some amazing things! I have so much to share, I will break it up over a few posts; I want to do the sharing justice. 

I love to try new creative things and after the sneak peek day, I returned on Saturday to take a class in paper piecing. I have shared that am not a quilter, but appreciate the art. My recent joining of Instagram has further sparked my interest. I follow many quilters and and quilt shops there.

I signed up for a class called "Serendipity: No Fear Paper Piecing" taught by Peggy Martin. I have completed a paper piecing project before, but the process of sewing on paper and backwards was really maddening for me. I finished my project, but was still confused about the process. I hoped the live class would help me understand the steps.

After a few hiccups with my fabric prep, I was able to dive right in.

Getting Expert Instruction

That just seems a bit insane to me!

We sewed each strip segment on four blocks at a time.

Work in progress on one block.

The great thing about Serendipity is that the four blocks can be positioned in several ways.

One way:


Yet another:

Here is the final orientation I chose. The light green center creates a pinwheel. I love the pop of color in the orange band.  I will not likely make an entire quilt, but I think this may make a good bag panel. 

 Here I am with Peggy. Take a look at the wonderful quilts in the background!

I had a blast! It was so much better for me to see what needed to happen in each step. It made so much sense! Can you believe I have already designed a series of blocks for my own quilt! I do not know how to make the patterns yet, but...

Happy Sewing,

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