Thursday, December 8, 2016

Delving into Art Design Fabric

I really enjoyed my time at The Houston International Quilt Festival and Market last month. If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen some of my exploits. I really enjoyed seeing the behind the scenes workings while helping my friend Cheryl of Paradiso Designs. While not helping, I was walking the floor meeting new-to-me fabric designers and companies. 

One of the companies I discovered is Frond Design Studios and their retail store  Delve MIY. Their fabric is made by transferring artwork to textiles! Their catalog is extensive and beautiful, be sure to pop over to the site and drool. I met the owner, Stephanie Brandenburg, and was given an opportunity to play with some of her fabric. 


I love the large scale print of this Weeds design. I took several weeks considering a pattern to showcase the details of the art without breaking it up too much with the seaming. The tunic on Simplicity 8138 felt like a perfect combination .the simple silhouette is a great canvas to showcase the beauty of the dandelions in this print. 

I liked that the back is sectioned into three pieces. It adds interest to the back rather than being cut on the fold. 

Because this was a fast and easy sew, I also felled the seams and stitched them down. 

I found the pattern had excessive ease below the bust. With a cotton fabric, the tunic stood away from my body in an unflattering way; it made me feel boxy. That and the high side slits, I had concerns about my modesty on a windy day. to remedy this, I added two vertical darts to the front reducing the width by about 4-inches.

I like this a lot. I enjoy clothes that make me feel provocative, without looking like it.

I love this tunic. It works for my lifestyle and aesthetic  At its’ base, I am wearing a t-shirt and leggings! This easy topper implies a greater level of style consciousness than my daily kid wrangling knows to be true. Additionally, the fact that the fabric is awesome artwork takes some of the creative pressure off of me. I can be a stylish, and comfortable walking canvas.

I am excited to get stitching on my other Delve/Frond fabrics. Here are swatches of other fabrics I got. I have a definite plan for making some of these into dresses, yoked tunics, and wishy skirts for me and Little Miss. I also have the overly optimistic idea that I might try my hand at quilting...

Genesis from Rosewood Organics
Plaster of Paris in Fennel
Painting Dandelions Linear Mod Petite
Painting Dandelions Panel
Barnboard Whitewash

Painting Dandelions: Wish Petite

Painting Dandelions: Grand Linear

I got a bit carried away with the "Dandelions" line huh? I have those in mind for the quilt and maybe coordinating pillows. I love them all and cannot wait to make them up once the Christmas holidays end freeing my time up again. 

Which of these are your favorites and what would you make?

Happy Sewing,


  1. I just love this fabric! And perfectly showcased with this pattern! You look fabulous! And you can never have too many dandelion patterned fabrics!

    1. It is great isn't it? I am glad you think the pattern/fabric match was a success.

  2. This fabric is so cool. You did a great job picking a pattern that showed it off well. Is it a heavier cotton? The closeup looks a bit like canvas. I was really drawn to the dandelions with the yellow. I adore Marimekko, and I've been on the hunt for years for the perfect Marimekko for my bedroom. It has such a large scale that lends itself well to home dec. I can say the same for this fabric too, though it's beautiful to actually see the artist's brush strokes in the final fabric. It reminds me a bit of Nani Iro's work.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! It is all a lightweight apparel cotton. It looks like canvas because it was painted on a canvas and those details transfer to the fabric! Isn't that great? I have added some Marimekko to my Christmas wish list... we will see what Santa does :)

  3. Im sure you know this, but that tunic design is very much like the salwar kameez which is intended to have that high slit to be worn with billowy pants. I've always loved that look!

  4. Im sure you know this, but that tunic design is very much like the salwar kameez which is intended to have that high slit to be worn with billowy pants. I've always loved that look!