Friday, March 27, 2020

Making Sewcial Isolation Sew Chatty

How are you doing? The Covid-19 pandemic has shaken the world and changed our daily lives in so many ways. Our schools and workplaces are closed to conform to social distancing and stay-at-home orders. In the midst of this crisis, I recently underwent knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus. I am on the road to recovery, navigating it on crutches or in a walker. 

In difficult times, sewing and humor have served me well to lift my spirits and get me through. The new Sew Chatty fabric line by Riley Blake Designs has arrived right on time. This is a colorful collection with the cutest graphics and adorable sewing puns. 

I recently renovated my garage into a new sewing studio and knew I wanted to add this fun fabric to my new space. I used a combination of Butterick  5506 and self-drafting to make covers for my sewing accessories. 

Butterick 5506 Waverly Reversible Sewing Room Pattern
This pattern has been in my stash for a long time and is currently out-of-print. You can use your old covers as a pattern to draft new covers of your own.

I made an ironing board cover 

another for my press iron, 

 and a cover for my wheeled chair.

In my current state, machine sewing is possible, but difficult. When I enter the room, I smile and chuckle at the cuteness this fabric adds to my space. I am looking forward to the time I will spend in here creating. 

Happy sewing while you stay at home,


  1. I so envy your creative ability and new sewing space. I love it.

  2. Love it , it looks so gorgeous. It is amazing how this virus has effected the whole world. We are not in complete lockdown yet but its coming. I'm not going out, except to drop my parents some food. We are all united in this new world.

    1. Thanks so much. We are living in new and strange times. Stay safe out there.

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  4. So many questions I want to do this in the separate one car we have! Did u put an ac u it for the machines?

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