Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thrift Store Treasures!

The thing about Craigslist ads is, you sometimes have to weigh getting a killer deal with the possibility of getting killed by some psycho. This week, I responded to an ad for 1000's of vintage patterns for sale in nearby Baytown. After corresponding with the seller, Beau, via email, I determined that he and the ad were legitimate. I headed  down to Something Old, Something New resale store to get my retro pattern fix.

Beau did not exaggerate, he had thousands of patterns from the '50's -the '90's! Fortunately, they were sorted by decade and I was able to make quick work of choosing the ones I loved. Here are they are:

Holy Cow! Spats!
Dresses for the lady I strive to be (burp, excuse me!).
Possible candidates for Alabama Chanin stitching! Especially the yellow pinafore and racer back dress.   
Wrap around pants! I have been searching for this pattern all year!

This is a new pattern company for me; I am excited to stitch one up!

Bags, can you ever have too many?
More fun dresses and a reversible wrap skirt.
Mommy and Me pattern and two kinda quirky pieces.


Just for fun.

I have not made underwear before...
Doll clothes for Abby, my daughter's American Girl doll.
Aunt Martha's Embroidery Transfers

Ruffler and walking foot attachments.
In addition to these sewing gems, I purchased two washers full of fabric which are drying or I would show them here. Beau was very patient with me as I searched and he even brought me patterns and fabrics that suited my tastes. I am happy to say I showed restraint in my purchases; I only bought what I absolutely loved! I did leave stock for others :)  

Beau cut me a great deal on everything I bought. He even gave me a bag of incomplete crochet items and yarns for free! I do not crochet, but I liked what the previous owner had begun and I knew I could figure something to do with them (and of course free IS free!). A few of the items are hats, a toddler caplet, beginnings of a few bags and squares and rectangles that I can turn to scarves and such. I am excited to see what I do with those, so stay tuned!

Free crochet items!
Free crochet items!
Free crochet yarns!
I had time constraints and did not go through everything he had in stock. I will try to find more time in the coming weeks and will visit again. In the meantime, comeback here to see what I make with my new treasures!

Happy Sewing,

(The views expressed here are my own and I have not been compensated or frankly asked to promote this store in any way. I do it because I had a good time and got great deals!)

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  1. Holy moly - what a haul! Nice Christmas present for yourself! Those patterns crack me up, especially the square dance dresses.