Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Alabama Chanin Bloomers T-Shirt

Back in August I made an Alabama Chanin Bloomers stencil with the intention of making a t-shirt and a four panel skirt.  My design plan led me to airbrush navy blue cotton jersey using white paint and use black cotton jersey as the backing fabric.

Painting skirt panels.

Skirt and shirt panels.

T-shirt all painted.

Summer stitching by the pool.
 I decided to stitch using the reverse applique technique with the knots exposed  and thread tails visible. 

All stitched and painted areas cut away.

I hand-stitched the front and back panels together per the instructions in the book (from memory at this point).  I felled the seems to the inside and bound the neckline using a beaded parallel stitch. I added three seed beads to each stitch and stitched it using a single strand of button and craft thread.

Beaded Parallel Stitch 

Completed Top on B.I.R.A
I am happy to have completed this top and I am steadily working on the four panel skirt to go with it. I will update when it is all done. I am not sure how long that will be as I am stitching away on a dress, and a beaded paisley top.

Happy Sewing, 


  1. I love the pop of white paint, and your threads look great (I'm jealous). You are quite prolific at these AC garments!

    1. Thanks, I just posted on your dress before I saw this. I am crazy addicted and can't stop stitching! Your Mardi Gras dress has lit the fire under me to finish my Anna's Garden dress before the year ends!

  2. About to embark on my firt AC inspired creation. You are an such inspiration! I have to ask-do you machine wash your AC items? Hand wash? I am already thinking I will NEVER eat red sauce while wearing the jacket I intend to make!

    1. Hi Brenda,
      Thanks so much for your kind words! I machine wash all of my pieces. I used to be super careful and hand wash every thing because I was uncertain of my stitching. Now that I am confident, I toss it all in. I have not had any issues with my beginner pieces being ruined in the wash. Best of luck to you.