Saturday, July 19, 2014

Lucky Me! Little One Yard Wonders!

Lucky, lucky, lucky me! This week I won a random giveaway on Pattern Review. The prize was the book Little One yard Wonders!

I own the other books in the series, One Yard Wonders and Fabric-by-Fabric One Yard Wonders and was excited to see what this book had to offer. Today, the book arrived in the mail.There are 101 projects for babies and kids and many caught my eye. Here are a few that caught my eye and are on "to make list".

Go Away Big Monster Towel
My "Little Man" loves hooded towels. He is outgrowing the ones I made when he was born. This will be a great treat for him!
Yia Yia Snuggle Hoodie
 He is also a huge fan of fleece. He has many blankets he carries EVERYWHERE. When the weather cools off in December, I will make him a few of these.
Simple Pants (Love the pockets)
 I think the whole household can benefit from these fun pockets on pants.

Summer Days Hat
 How cute is the ponytail slot?

Tot Tote and Wallet
 Pockets, pockets everywhere!

Doll bed with Storage
 So much cheaper to make than the designer doll beds at a particular doll store. 

House in the Hallway
I seriously Googled this type of playhouse this week. I could not find the correct words to get what I was looking for. I am so excited to make this in a bakery style and car repair shop.

Car Cozy Playmat
"Little man" takes his cars wherever he goes. He would love to take this on the go.

Retro-Inspired Bathing Cover-Up

I love the pocket detail and pom-poms here! I will be adding this to a grown-up dress for sure. 

There are so many wonderful projects to complete in this book. I am anxious to get started on some of these. I am working on a long list of sewing projects so these have to wait a bit, but I am thrilled to have something to waiting in the wings.

Happy Sewing,


  1. Congrats. There are so many great options, I can't wait to see what you come up with.


  2. One thing to check before making a fleece jacket - how warm is it really. I made two of mine fleece jackets and they were not really useful for them. They said the wind went right through them and they weren't really very warm. It could just be the fleece I used ~ Wal-mart stuff. I think a lining that kept the wind at bay would have been a good idea for us if I do another fleece jacket in the future.

  3. Did you ever use the pocket detail and pom-poms on your grown-up dress? I'm not sure how I missed this post when you won the book, but that little retro-inspired bathing coverup is my contribution to the book!

    1. I forgot all about this book and these wonderful projects. Thanks for the reminder! And no, I never did make a grown-up version of your pom-pom pockets!I need to get on that! 😄