Sunday, August 17, 2014

O-Laf with me at the lenghts I go to amuse my children.

Summer is winding to a bittersweet close. In a little more than a week, my daughter will begin her first day of kindergarten. I am a whirlwind of emotion balancing productive preparation and feats of distraction. Little Miss is undecided if she wants a purchased backpack or for me to make one for her.  I have given her many options but she does not know yet what she wants. 

As she deliberates, and in an attempt at distraction, I have decided to make a new diaper bag/backpack for Little Man.  He is a huge fan of the movie Frozen and delights in all things Olaf. He is usually indifferent when I sew for him, but I am hopeful the delights of summer snowflakes will sway him.
For the body of the bag, I chose denim fabric from my stash. For the lining, I chose the same denim and added an interior pocket. There are two kid-sized straps on the back and a magnetic closure in front. To make Olaf's face, I used felt to appliqué the features of this hilarious snowman. The details are made using pipe cleaners for his hair, embroidery thread for the spot in his eyes, and variegated thread for the coloring of the carrot nose. I added a bit of depth to his eyes and around his mouth using a silver colored permanent marker.

Details of Olaf's face.

Olaf on a summer bike ride.

It is large enough to hold the necessities of a toddler's day.

Back of the bag.

Olaf swinging in the summer breeze.
I am very pleased with this first draft of a backpack of this kind. I imagine I will be making more of these as there a birthday parties on the horizon. I may try a larger re-positionable nose and a larger capacity backpack. 

Little Man is thrilled to have Olaf on his back, though he did not want to be photographed. Little Miss loves this bag, she thinks he is fun to wear. She believes I can do anything and has requested an Anna or Elsa version, or maybe a Hello Kitty, or maybe a Tinkerbell, or Minnie Mouse or…

When she makes up her mind, I will be sure to update you. 

Happy Sewing,



  1. Adorable! I love this. Backpacks are so bulky. I love how streamlined and interesting this is! BRAVO!

    1. Thank you! I am very proud of how it turned out. :)

  2. This is just darling! Great work! I can see why your little man is thrilled!

  3. Truly amazing. I think Disney needs to hire you as a designer and I share your little Miss' confidence in all you can do. Best wishes with Kindergarten.