Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Retro Look from a Modern Pattern New Look 6049

My pattern stash is filled with fun retro styles. Some styles are great and I wish they were still current. Other pattern styles have gone the way of the dinosaurs and rightly so. I like using vintage patterns because they suit my style, taste and are not worn by everyone at the mall. I sometimes feel guilty sharing the projects I make from vintage patterns. The pattern may be hard to come by making it difficult for others to replicate the look. I like it when I find a current pattern with a vintage vibe to make and share with you.

I found this little number while shopping thrift stores with a visiting relative last week. It was in a bag with three other patterns for $2! I like a simple shift dress and was drawn to view B in the length of A. It seemed like a perfect match for some of the vintage fabric in my stash.
I liked this dress for the simple details, the bell sleeves, slight boat-neck neckline and shaping of the darts.
Slight bell sleeve
Bust and bodice darts.

I will get to the completed dress in a minute. I just want to show my most perfect invisible zipper installation. I upgraded from a plastic universal foot on the left, to  a better quality vintage foot. It is made of very hard plastic and does not slide out of alignment as the other does. It also has a deeper dividing line that holds the zipper teeth flat allowing you to get closer to the teeth. A sturdier foot has increased the invisibility of my zipper.

Where's the zipper?
Here is the completed dress

Isn't it fun? The length is perfect for a mini dress, but not long enough for everyday wear. It is great for date night, but I am not sure I could pick up my 2-year old and hold him and my dignity at the same time. I am 5'8" and this is just long enough to be decent. For an everyday length, I will need to lengthen it when I make it again. I may also widen the sleeves when I make it again.

I love this little dress. It is fun, flirty and completely me! After wearing a knee brace for the past two weeks, it is great to let my legs out.

Happy Sewing,


  1. Very cute dress! And…never feel "guilty" about posting a review of a vintage or an OOP pattern…I suspect many might have those patterns just waiting for a review to be inspired!

    1. Thanks for saying that. I have so many vintage and oop patterns. I love them and want others who only sew current patterns to love them too!

  2. I just love this dress! OMG...you found a great fabric...looks SO good on you!

  3. A masterpiece (no joke). Loving that vintage fabric and pattern together. It takes a special eye to put together the right combo. And how appropriate that you've switched to a vintage zipper foot?! Keep it coming


    1. Thanks Hilary! You are always so kind :) I just knew this fabric had to be paired with this pattern! I just made another from this pattern, so you will have to tell me to stop.