Sunday, January 27, 2013

New Embroidery with Vintage Patterns Contest

I first picked up an embroidery needle when I was ten years old. It was a school project where I embroidered a pink flower on a grey pillowcase. It was a satisfying project that I enjoyed, but for some reason, I never kept it up. I believe, it would be twenty three years before I would  pick up an embroidery needle again. I was at a neighborhood garage sale and purchased a bag of floss, needles and a dream. I could not remember how to begin, but knew with the internet abounding with tutorials, I would figure it out and that's what I did. Over the years, I have found patterns and transfers in thrift stores and stitched for family and friends.

In keeping with my goal to participate in more contests and expand my sewing skills, I have entered another one. The Flickr group New Embroidery with Vintage patterns is hosting it and it looks like fun! Here are the categories from their discussion board:


As always, you can stitch on anything you want. For example: a tea towel, hankie, napkins, apron, clothing, pillowcase, quilt block, curtains, art canvas, felt, etc....You will only be "judged" on the embroidery, not the actual item the embroidery is part of.

New Year, New You - Choose any vintage embroidery pattern that you feel captures the meaning and spirit of one of your new year's resolutions or something you hope to accomplish this year.

New Year, New Stitches- This category is for specifically for showing off your fancy stitches! And by "fancy stitches" I mean (1) using an abundance of fill stitches so there is hardly any bare/exposed fabric inside your embroidery AND/OR (2) learning and using a variety of new, unusual and/or exotic stitches in your embroidery. You may use any vintage embroidery pattern of your choice.
Please click here to go to an amazing collection of free videos to teach yourself some new and "fancy" stitches.

New Year, New/Old Mixed Media with Stitches - This category is specifically for combining "media" with any vintage embroidery pattern of your choice. Entries in this category should have a significant amount of mixed media incorporated into their embroidery. Examples of "media" to add to your embroidery include sequins, buttons, home improvement hardware, fabric, decorative papers, random and surprising found objects, etc.... You may use any vintage embroidery pattern of your choice.
Please see this gallery for inspiration and examples of mixed media with embroidery.

After reading the rules I headed to my transfer stash to choose my entry.

1950's Vogart transfers.

1980's Keepsake Transfers

F C and A mail-order transfers from the late 1980's and early 1990's

Girl in the sewing basket

I  found this adorable girl in a basket of sewing notions in the 1980's Keepsake Collection book. I thought immediately that it suits the first contest category of   "New Year, New You". I want to be more intentional about the projects to which I devote my time. I love the idea of diving into my sewing basket. The idea of stitching this up for the sake of the contest left me with the question of what to do with it after? I thought it would be cute to use the finished image as the face of a clock to hang in my sewing room. 

I bought this promotional clock from the Forgotten Angles thrift store for $1 and the plan is coming together. Now, time to get stitching! The contest ends in two weeks!

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