Monday, March 2, 2015

Craigslist Vintage Pattern Shopping

On a whim, I decided to do some trolling from vintage patterns on Craigslist. I stumbled across a garage sale listing including sewing patterns from January. I was not certain if the listing was still active after these weeks but, I decided to contact the seller. I sent a text to the number asking for some photos of the available patterns. She immediately responded with several tempting images of the big four pattern companies dating from the 1950's - 1990's. She shared that they were priced from $1 -$10.

Her address is a short 15-minute drive from my house and I decided I would go by. I normally would take a friend on my Craigslist excursions but my thrift buddy is recovering from surgery. I forwarded all communication I had with the seller to my husband. I wanted him to have it in the event that something untoward happened in my quest for great patterns.

I arrived at the address and was immediately greeted by the enthusiastic seller. She had hundreds of patterns and was excited to see someone who was genuinely interested in using them. The collection had belonged to her grandmother who had sewn for 28 years. Now that she had passed away, her granddaughter was selling them as regrettably, she and her siblings never learned to sew.

She handed me a stool and invited me to choose what I wanted. When I was done she promised to set a rate for the lot. There were so many wonderful patterns I was tempted to offer her a bulk rate for them all sight unseen. I'm so glad I didn't as many of them were not my size would require a great deal of modifications to fit. I went through them and choose these patterns that I am in love with for one reason or another.
Isn't this adorable with the Peter Pan Collar?

I wish I had these fabrics! (Simplicity 6911)

Super easy to make and wear! (Butterick 3634)

I love the seaming on the bodice.(Mccalls 8851)

Love the green! The pleats, sleeve length. and belt!

How darling and look at the back with the buttons!

Love the ruffle neckline on view C.

Love them all and the belt on view C. (McCalls 2004)

Love the simple elegance of view A. 

The bow may be too sweet, but I was drawn to this one. (Simplicity 5451)


I am very curious about the one-pattern piece for the jumpsuit.
Okay, seriously! It's a little red cape! I would have earned the bad mother award for letting this one go.

I love view 2 with the color block, but I would omit the collar, I think. (Simplicity 8485)

This is a great candidate for a dress shirt refashion (Simplicity 4426).
Another for Little Miss (Simplicity 7781) 
Again, I am intrigued by one pattern piece. I like the stripe version and the trimmed edge version.

I love the bows up the back.

May be a good pattern for a small tablecloth top (Simplicity 7028).

Always need a Kaftan pattern (Simplicity 9305)
Hmmm (Vogue 7644)

Too stinking cute! The wide placket, pockets, belt! Love it all (Vogue 7644). 

View B! New little black dress (Butterick 5506).

Look at the drape on this skirt! Grey Linen? (Simplicity 8591)
I love the scallop hem and collars. Oh and of course the short mod style (Simplicity 7635).
Did I just buy this because she has a 'fro? (Simplicity 5968)
I have not seen this style before. I love the pocket here (Butterick 4364).

I love a maxi dress!

I may give a wrap dress another go (Simplicity 6099).

I love this black jumpsuit! (Simplicity 7230) 
I am one lucky duck! I got these at a steal and I cannot wait to get started. Which one is your favorite?

Happy Sewing,


  1. They are all really cute, the red cape is precious. I always love seeing how long the models legs are in these old illustrations... about twice as long as their torsos....

    1. Haha! You are so right! I think Simplicity is the worst with that; their models are giants!

  2. You hit a gold mine! And I swear my mother made some if those Simplicity dresses - they look very familiar....

  3. All of these patterns are super cute. Are you willing to share the sellers information?

    1. Hi Jamillah, are you a Houston local? I would love to meet another vintage pattern fan. If you send me an email at, I will be happy to share the information. I can give you a few more details on the location as this was the sellers home.

    2. Hi Bianca I'm not. I found so many of the vintage pattern here in KY for .25 a piece. I'll see if I can upload them here when I get back home.

  4. What a score! I look forward to everything you'll make with these patterns; you do such a wonderful job fusing your style with fabric and retro patterns. :)

    1. Thanks so much! When I become what I am meant to be, I want you on my P.R. team :)

  5. Hi, I just came upon your blog, endeavouring to find a pattern I made in 1969. I called it the Juliet dress fashioned after the dresses Olivia Hussey wore in Romeo and Juliet. It was a very easy simple version by Butterick with elastic around the neck and high waistline; an empire dress in green with 2 sleeve versions--puffed and bell. I saved this pattern for years but it disappeared along with the way.

    I have made a dress from one of your patters back in 1971. It's the pattern with 3 versions--the purple, orange and print dresses,

    1. Hi Kathryn,

      I checked and I don't have that cute dress pattern. So sorry.

    2. Hi Kathryn,

      I checked and I don't have that cute dress pattern. So sorry.