Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Huh?! Authentic Dutch African Wax Fabric From China?

You heard me. It was strange to me too, but it is true. You may remember that posted that I may have found a fabric goldmine  on a Chinese shopping site. I was referred there by a Pattern Review commenter who vouched for the site. I chose to buy from Swallow's Store and ordered 2, 6-yard lots of fabric and waited for delivery. I ordered during a holiday time and it took several days for the order to be processed. When it was processed it was pretty fast. The seller contacted me because one of my cuts was unavailable. She however, provided a substitution for a more expensive print at no additional cost. 
The fabric arrived sealed and with these large labels. They were a beast to remove and still it did not all come off when washed. I got 6-yards each so I am not worried about a tiny bit of fabric loss.

The arrival of my fabric coincided with the Best Patterns Contest on PR. After looking through the available patterns to choose from, I decided on Vogue 8815 with a couple of modifications.
V8815, Misses' Top
Vogue 8815
   My double peplum, bias trim top.                      

Here is my review with details of the construction.

1. Why do you think this was voted one of the Best Patterns?
This pattern is a simple way to achieve the peplum look. It sews up fast and has a few options.

2. Would you have made this pattern if it was NOT voted one of the top patterns of the year?
I think I would have. I have wanted a peplum top using African Dutch Wax fabric. I recently purchased some and this pattern fit the bill for my purposes.

3. How did you make your version of this pattern unique?
I made mine unique me by creating a double peplum with the bias tape trim.

4. What size(s) did you make? I made the 12.

5. Did you find the sizing accurate compared to the measurements listed on the pattern?
Yes, I think the sizing is accurate.

6. What fabric and trims did you use? What was the source of your fabric and trims?
I used authentic African Dutch wax fabric that I purchased online from a vendor in China (that is one of the more absurd sentences I have written in a long time). The bias tape trim is run-of-the-mill stuff from Walmart.

7. Describe how you used the pattern instructions. Did you follow the instructions literally, did you figure out how to assemble on your own, or a combination of instructions plus own experience? 
It was a combination of both. For the upper portion, I followed them. For the peplum, I figured out the construction on my own (see below). 

8. Describe any alterations you made and discuss whether alternations were for fit or for design.

I altered the pattern for design. I chose to add a second shorter peplum above the first. To do this, I simply shortened the second by one and a half inches. I used my Dritz hem gauge to maintain a consistent length on the three pieces. I then used the folded piece as my pattern for the shorter peplum.

Rather than hem them, I opted to trim them in black bias tape. I thought this would add a bit of contrast against the vibrant print. 
Hem encased in bias tape.

I hemmed them before the top was sew up and basted the two peplums together and treated them as one.

I added an invisible zipper instead of the standard one. This was done before sewing the sides and keeping the top peplum free because it is split in the back. 

9. What did you like and what did you dislike about the pattern?
I liked everything about the pattern. I have no dislikes.

10. Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? I would recommend this to others, but I don't think I will make it again. It is very distinctive and I think one is enough.

Wish me Luck and Happy Sewing! 


  1. Lovely. I have a sight bookmarked selling the same type of fabric from NY at great prices. I have not ordered from them, but several other sewers (between FB and blogging ) recommend them. Here is the link:

  2. Lovely! I found you on Pinterest and will definitely be following! I love the fabric choice and the bias trim. I am going to check out the store you got your fabric from (like I need more fabric!)

    1. Thanks Eryn for stopping by. There is NEVER too much FABRIC! Do you hear me? Go shop! :)

  3. What a perfect marriage of fabric and pattern! This looks fabulous on you.

  4. Have you seen this site? It's all about Ankara fabric: I also really like this lady's blog. She sews a lot, mostly with wax print/Ankara fabric: That link goes to her advice on how to remove labels from wax print fabric. I wish I'd read that when I got mine. Last, but not least in this long comment, I used my wax print fabric to make a peplum top, too! Check it out: Sorry for all the links. Your post just brought all these things to mind! I love your top and the bias edging. That was a really nice touch!

    1. Thanks for the links, I had not seen them until now. DROOOL! I love your peplum top, it is so cute with that collar! Thanks for sharing it all :)

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