Thursday, March 19, 2015

Patterns! Patterns! Patterns! Me Love Patterns!

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day.  My hubby and kids were at home and I planned to get a much needed manicure and massage. These treats were given to me months ago and I was happy to finally have an opportunity use them. I was driving to the salon when I got a text from an estate sale host. She was calling about some vintage patterns she was selling. The sale is this weekend, but she was free at that moment and wanted to give me a first look! The sale was three Texas towns over and if I left then, I would beat the evening rush hour traffic. Chipped nails and tight muscles be damned, I had a new plan for my day.

I made it there in record time.The patterns were in rough shape and had been kept in a vintage suitcase for decades. There was age spots and insect damage to the pattern covers and I am not entirely certain all the pieces are there. All that being said, I did not care! These patterns are AWESOME! Take a look!

Advance 8937

Simplicity 8222

Vogue 9304

Simplicity 6685 

Simplicity 8199

Simplicity 2784
McCalls 5804

Simplicity 3400

Simplicity 3132

Simplicity 1871 Look at that bodice!

Simplicity 8448 Swoon!

Simplicity 1503 too small for my little miss, but it is so cute.

Simplicity 7954

Vogue 9378 Love the deep back on this full length version. 

Ladies Home Journal 2486

Glad to know they are on it!

Advance 5765 View 3 is totally charming.

Vogue 9018

Vogue 9114 Again, I love the bodice here.

Marian Martin 9275

Simplicity 4255 Love these tops!

Vogue 4579 I need a life where this is my daily wear.

McCalls 4812 Curious. I do not have much on my top shelf, but the ruffles may be too much. 

McCalls 4869 Shall we dance?

Vogue 6931
McCalls 9333 I love this dress! I did a quick search and this pattern is selling for $65 and up!

Simplicity 4909

Simplicity 4942

Vogue 9713 Love this wrap dress! This one is going for $35 online.

Butterick 5624

McCalls 6425
Simplicity 4469

Farm and Market Mail Order 1547

Butterick 7786

Farm and Market Mail Order 1556

Simplicity 8178 This one cost .50 back in the day. Today, it is listed for $50.

Simplicity 8129

McCalls 4799

Simplicity 2602 I think I may make that bra.

McCalls 4916  The pleats at the neckline are lovely. 

Butterick 5675 Must have halter!

Simplicity 4078. This is interesting! It can be worn front or back. This one goes for $35!

McCalls 7606

McCalls 5200. I love the full shirt on these. This one is going for $58, lucky me!

Simplicity 4973

Farm and Market Mail Order 1556 What a delightful neckline.
Whew! I am so lucky! I bought them with the plan to make them (I will not turn down fair purchase offers though). I only wish I had occasion to wear these lovely dresses. I need to have a chat with hubby :).

Happy Sewing,


  1. They are so gorgeous! reminds me of sitting at my mother's feet whilst she tried talking to me with pins between her teeth! You're a very lucky shopper!

  2. great find. I have a few of these! I used to go to tons of estate sales. But it got too out of hand!

    1. Is it really possible for it to get out of hand...? :)

  3. What a wonderful haul. If vintage patterns could talk!

    1. They do tell a story. I am so excited to add them to my collection.

  4. Bianca you are one lucky gal when it comes to finding great vintage patterns with a great price. Please post photos when you make the pieces

    1. It is a blessing and a curse! I have so many now, it is just a matter of finding the time. I will share when I make them up.

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    3. I truly understand you. I have a lot of patterns as well. I collect fabric when I'm in different states with my job. Walmart fabric sale is great. I love the African Ankara fabrics. is where I purchased my last fabrics.

      You are awesome.

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