Monday, August 13, 2018

New D.I.Y Felt Embroidery Kits Now Available in My Etsy Store!

I am so excited to share my new iteration of my Afro Diva and Puff Diva designs. They are now available in my Etsy store as laser-cut felt embroidery kits.  

The kits are available in floral embellished Afro or Afro Puffs. The designs can be further customized with a range of skin choices and sunglasses color.

The kits include background fabric, felt, coordinating embroidery floss and a needle. A basic stitch guide is included as well as suggested stitches to use. I love that each maker can put their own spin on the design. It can be used with the flowers or without. Add freestyle design stitches to the elements to make it your own. Use the included colors of floss or mix it up with your own.

Do you want to order a large quantity for a girls night out, a slumber party or sorority event? Do you want custom flower, hair or floss colors? Do you want stock for your store? Email me here so we can discuss it.

Happy Sewing,