Thursday, July 30, 2020

Pandemic Sewing Gets Twisted!

For as long as I have been sewing, I thought I had sewn with just about every type of fabric. I'm so grateful that my collaborations with Nature's Fabrics that introduces me to fabrics I had not considered before. Recently, they have released some beautiful printed bullet knit fabrics that caught my eye. Bullet knit is lightweight knit fabric with a small pique texture. It is denser than ITY, but not as thick as a scuba knit. This knit is 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex.  It is 62” wide and weighs 260 GSM.  It stretches 50% in the width and 50% in the length.  It is a soft flowing, does not fray or ravel. The print is only on the top   

I was drawn to Artist Palette


If you follow me on Instagram, you know I love my Willow Overalls by Pipe Dream Patterns. I have made several pairs and they are heavy in my rotation! When the Eilidh Twist Dress was released, I added it to my must make list. I love both versions of this dress, but decided version 1 would get more wear than the more provocative back twist version. 

Eilidh Twist Dress - PDF Beatha 6 - 20
When I ordered the two colorways of this bullet knit fabric, the plan was to use the Artist Palette for Little Miss, and Glitter Stripe for myself. When the fabrics arrived however, I fell in love with the colorful one and claimed it for myself. I promise I made it up to her and she loves what I made.

I guess I had this fabric in mind when I came up with these pattern weights.

The one and a half yards of this was enough for the body of the dress but was slightly short for the longer of the sleeve options. I did not want a cap sleeve, so I made made do with what I had.

The dress came together very quickly with no complications. The only change I made was to stabilize the back scoop with basted clear elastic. 

I finished it on my coverstitch with variegated rainbow threads.

I think this fabric, with this front twist, makes quite the statement.



The back scoop falls right above my bra line so no special underwear is required to wear it.

I made the size medium (after trying the large), omitted the side slit and made no other alterations.

I would not have shortened the sleeves if my fabric was long enough. Now that I've done it, I think the scale of the sleeves with the length, balances very well.

Like with the Willow Overalls, I'm sure I will be adding more makes of this pattern to my wardrobe. I think this would look great in mixed prints or color-blocking. 

1. I joined the Sew and Tell Podcast to talk about fabric dyeing, painting and manipulation.  We discussed inspiration, failure and played what would you make. I hope you will tune in.

2. I have new pattern weight designs listed in my Etsy store.

Happy Sewing,


  1. The dress has me singing “Aquarius” in my head. What a lovely idea, the dawning of the age of Aquarius. I’d love to check out some bullet knits!

    1. Thanks so much Barbara! I am singing with you!

  2. So beautiful!! The sleeve length is perfect!

  3. I have always wondered just what bullet fabric was. Thanks for explaining it. I also like this sleeve length. Very nice!

  4. Thanks. Beautiful dress. First this link is broken Glitter Stripe. Secondly, where can we get the pattern? I bought your weights that were featured in Anita by Design's facebook page. I look forward to getting them.