Sunday, February 10, 2013

My first authentic Alabama Chanin Stencil!

Happy dance, happy dance! I have a finally purchased a stencil from Alabama Chanin. I have made all of my stencils to this point using pennant felt and the techniques outlined in her books. I have made Angie's Fall, Paisley, Little Flowers, Medium Circles and Bloomers (though I will remake it as I am not pleaded with the way it looks). These stencils have served me well and are very durable, but small. The shapes in the designs are reasonably sized, so I did not mind the tedious cutting task.
Pennant felt stencils
I decided I wanted the Anna's Garden stencil and did not want to cut out all those pieces out. So with a bonus I got from work (hehehe), I ordered one.

From the Factory!

Even the packaging it stenciled.

Happy Sigh
I am so glad I bought this! It is four times larger than any  of my felt stencils and will make my painting go so much faster! I can't wait!

Happy Sewing!

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