Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Year, New You Embroidery Entry

I have finished my entry for the New Embroidery with Vintage Patterns Flickr group contest! My entry is for the category:  "New Year, New You" We are to choose any vintage embroidery pattern that we feel captures the meaning and spirit of one of our new year's resolutions or something we hope to accomplish this year.

My resolution is to dive into sewing and use my time sewing to produce quality and not just quantity pieces. With that in mind, I choose a pattern that fit that theme to a tee. The pattern is from the Keepsake Transfers Collection from 1980.

I began stitching a little over a week ago in between other projects. I think it came together very well and very fast. I even had to rip a few stitches out when they didn't work like I hoped. As  I shared in this original post, I had another clock option in mind to frame the finished piece. I tried it, but the french knots in her afro were too full to allow the clock to spin. Luckily, I had a clock kit in my stash and instead did this using a dollar store frame and the kit.

I may change the numbers to buttons, but for now, it is finished! What do you think?

New Year, New You Embroidered Clock

Details of the many stitch  types used. Seed, back, stem, split, satin stitches and the french knots.

Detail of the girl in the notions basket Of course she has a delightful curly afro. Represent SISTA! Yup, she knows what time it is! (hahaha)
I am very pleased with her. She will have a very prominent place in my sewing room. If I find the time to organize it... 

Happy Sewing


  1. wonderful and very detailed!! Hope you win!!

    1. Thanks cuz! Even if I don't I am so glad I made this! It makes me smile.