Monday, February 4, 2013

Sew News published my tip!

I subscribe to the sewing magazine, Sews News. I have also "Liked" their Facebook page and follow their posts. One post in December 2012 asked for one of your best sewing tips. I submitted a tip and was pleasantly surprised to see that they published it in their February/March 2013 issue! Check it out:

For every published tip, the submitter receives a stated prize for their trouble. In this issue, the prize was to be a pattern from a company that sponsored the giveaway. So I patiently waited for my pattern to arrive and today the package arrived!

I eagerly opened  my package and was surprised to see that I had not won a pattern, but instead, I had been awarded the book "Kids Crafternoon Papercraft 25 projects for a crafty afternoon". How delightful! I have never heard of this book, but with two crafty kids I am so glad to have gotten it! There are many fun projects to keep us busy on long summer days. Thanks Sew News!

They also included this goodie for the car! Why yes, I do have fabric!

 Happy Sewing!

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