Sunday, April 21, 2013

I Heart the 80's Swap!

So in keeping with my New Year's Resolution to expand my participation in the sewing community, I joined a few Flickr swaps. The I Heart the 80's swap is a community of sewists and or crafters who create articles based on an eighties theme. This is a blind swap, so you don't know who is sewing for you, but you can suggest the item you would like of a few options. It is pretty fun to see swappers' works in progress and comment on it. It is the only way you get to have some input on the project that may be for you.

It is pretty intimidating to see what others have made in the past, but I felt up to the challenge. Based on the interests of my swap partner, I decided to make a bag based on quotes from some of her favorite 80's movies. The idea for the finished product was slow going, but I started with photo transfer paper and the quotes.

 Once I transferred the images to the fabric, I framed it with a contrasting fabric. To add more interest, I decided to hand embroider accents around the quotes and along the frame. I think they are in keeping with the feel of the 80's, don't you think?


Front detail

Bag Front
 For the back of the bag I decided to add a pocket. I thought a non-traditional pocket would be like totally rad! I cut a a swoosh like pocket and allowed a bit of the lining fabric to show as an highlight.

Back detail

Finally, for one more cute detail, I added one more 80's quote inside the pocket for chuckles. SAVE FERRIS!

Save Ferris

It would be like totally awesome to the max if my partner thinks this is bodacious fer sure! What do you think?

Happy Sewing!

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