Saturday, April 6, 2013

Super G and Awesome E

Next week at Little Miss's school is "Crazy week". She gets to wear "crazy socks", "crazy hats", "crazy hair" and come to school dressed like her favorite super hero. The first three options are easy enough, but a superhero? Not sure who that would be? She knows only "Larry Boy" from Veggie Tales". I am sure after explaining what a superhero is, she would conclude the Jesus is her favorite. I couldn't see us sending her to school dressed like Him though.

So, I decided to make her a cape and emblem creating an alter ego superhero to herself! I used a store bought tee shirt as the base and added a gathered top rectangle of fabric to the back neckline. I also added a circle initial logo to the front of the shirt. We have two super kids, so I couldn't make just one caped shirt! The Little Man got one too! They loved them! Here they are exhibiting their super powers.

"Super E" on the go

Blast Off!

Super Speed

Let's Go!

Harnessing all his power!

Back of Little Man's Cape

We plan to make a mask and wrist cuffs together for craft time to complete the ensemble. I will share pictures when complete!

Happy Sewing!


  1. Such cute little Capes, I am sure every other child in their classes will want one !

    1. Thanks! They want to wear them everyday! I have to make more :)