Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Alabam Chanin Paisley Tee and Maxi Skirt

I am at it again! I so loved my Angie's Fall tee that I made another tee using the Paisley stencil this time. I constructed it in tan jersey painted with black paint. The front is constructed with a double layer using the applique technique. I used a cross stitch to bind the neckline using black button and craft thread.

Neckline and Stitch Details

I love how the edges curl up.

For this shirt, as with the other, I cut the size medium and sewed a 5/8th seam allowance into the shirt when I constructed it. So the sizing is midway between the small and medium sizes. I found that to be the perfect sizing for me; not too tight, not too loose. I cut the front and back pieces about six inches longer than the pattern suggested. I knew I would wear it with a maxi skirt, so wanted a tunic length.

I love this shirt! It was fairly fast to put together and only took 2 weeks of evening and free time sewing. Using a running stitch rather than a reverse back stitch makes such a difference in terms of speed. It is so rewarding to complete a garment from beginning to end in this way. Tracing the pattern, cutting, painting, embellishing, and sewing it all by hand is well worth the effort.

The maxi skirt was made using vintage Butterick 6170 that I found at a resale store for $.10. I used black jersey fabric that was a gift from my grandmother-in-law. I made the skirt pictured in view A. I decided not to use the pattern from the Chanin books for the skirt because frankly, this was the path of least resistance. It was already cut and had an even hem. The A.C. skirt pattern that was traced and cut has the slight train and I didn't want that look here.  

I hand-sewed it in the A.C. style using button and craft thread. I changed the pattern in a couple of ways. I omitted the zipper, facings, and darts. I also added a front and back seam in the middle of each cut skirt panels. The cut pattern is a size 12, so by adding the two seams and a 5/8 seam allowance I took it down to about a 10ish. I bound the waist band using 5/8 inch fold over elastic and stitched using a parallel stitch. I did not hem it, but allowed it to roll on itself. I am 5 foot 8 inches tall and found this length perfect for me.

Seam Detail

I will likely be making this again in different colors. I am sure I will be making more shirts, so the skirts will naturally follow.

 Happy Sewing

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  1. Very nice! A lot of work, but looks well worth it!