Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Alabama Chanin inspired Swing Dress using Vogue 2976

Sometimes I need to branch out of my usual style and make something that is outside of my wheelhouse. To that end, I delved into my vintage pattern stash and found the lovely Vogue 2976. This vintage Vogue pattern has simple lines and just two major seams. I love the cut of the neckline and how it is fitted then spills into a full swing skirt.


The swing style of the dress reminded me of the Alabama A-line dress.The neckline is different, but they had a similar feel to me, so I thought I would make my dress in the Alabama Chanin style. I used a single layer of navy jersey fabric. I hand-stitched it with navy colored button and craft thread. I felled the seams to the inside with no knots visible. I omitted the facings and added bias bindings secured with the cross stitch. For the back split I used a hook and eye closure. It was super fast to stitch because it has only two pieces and I did not have to hem it. I decided to allow the hem to roll on itself. 

I made the dress shown in view B. When I was done, I walked downstairs to show my family and the look on my hubby's face said it all; Awful! It was billowy in the worst way and had no shape. He thought it was unflattering in its current state. I would be lying if I said I wasn't bummed by his reaction, but I couldn't  say I disagreed.

I put it aside and when I returned to it days later, it was with a sharp pair of scissors and my rotary cutter. I hacked at the hem and made it a quick and  dirty hi-lo version. I am very happy with it! I thought it gave a bit more style to what was an ordinary dress. Hubby returned from work and raved about the new look! He gushed about it without realizing it was the same one from a few days before! Go figure!

Here are the photos of the finished dress.

A.C style swing dress

Hi-lo hemline
Front neckline

Back opening detail

Happy Sewing!


  1. I am always disappointed when my husband agrees with me about a problem in sewing. I usually don't want to admit it and his agreement only confirms that I have to fix it. I prefer that honesty to any type of lying though. I am glad you made the best of it. The finished product is a great piece.

    1. Thanks! My husband is my biggest fan, so when he says something is a no go, I have to trust it.

  2. I have that pattern! I made it years ago out of a wool double knit and it was an awful wadder. I think the pattern doesn't even look very flattering on the model either. Anyway... your version of it as a top is really great and totally redeems the pattern.

    1. Thanks Grace! I like the redeemed version.

    2. Thanks Grace! I like the redeemed version.

  3. Very nice! I saw this on flickr and had to come to your site to see more!