Thursday, August 8, 2013

Making Progress on my Alabama Chanin Tank dress

Slow and steady wins the race. Right? I began stitching away at my Alabama Chanin tank dress in February. I was so excited to be creating my version of this dress:


I cut the eight panels, four top and four bottom and began sewing. I had hoped to have it completed for my anniversary last month, but didn't make the target. I am so impatient! I wanted it done and kept feeling like Veruca Salt from Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, "I want it now!"

In search of a faster project, I got distracted by this, and this, and this. I could have used the time to complete the dress, I know. If you have made a heavily embellished A.C. piece I know you can relate with the desire to have a finished piece! Anyway, I did get some work in on my project and I am happy to say I am half way done! Doesn't B.I.R.A look fabulous pinned into it!

Front on B.I.R.A
Side Panel
When I started stitching the second panel many months ago, I choose to complete the back panel after the first. At the time I am certain I had a rationale for that choice. As I got near the end of the second, I knew why I made that choice then. I was seriously thinking of bailing on the fully embellished dress! I was dreaming of a front only embellishment so I could be done! My past wise self, knew my future lazy, impatient self would want to abandon it. To prevent that, she forced my hand to keep me moving! :) I am happy she did that. I really want this dress and want it to be fully embellished.
Detail of the outside negative reverse applique running with stitches

I will be taking a small break from this dress to whip up a couple of faster projects, but I will complete it. We will take a family vacation soon and I plan to pack a panel. 
Until then, I will be distracted!
Happy Sewing,