Thursday, February 27, 2014

Celebrating Fifty Years of Wedded Bliss

I first picked up an embroidery needle in fifth grade. I stitched a pencil-drawn hibiscus on a pillowcase using a reverse back-stitch. Even with the simplicity of the drawing and the stitch I was drawn to the art of embroidery. I do not know what has come of that pillowcase, but it did introduce me to a new past-time that still brings me joy.

Since fifth grade, I have  acquired thousands of embroidery patterns from friends, estate sales and resale stores. Some of them are from the 1950's, others were originally offered via mail order in the 1980's, as well as retro and modern books. Lately, I have modified or made my own patterns to communicate a specific message.

In my ETSY store, in addition to my custom dress form instructions, I offer a few custom embroidery items. I was recently commissioned to create a piece for a customer whose parents are celebrating a Golden anniversary. The piece is a wedding car with a rear banner that can be customized with a message and a license plate with the year of marriage. The customer chose to have the banner message say "50 years and Counting" to commemorate the occasion.

I used multiple stitch types including, reverse back-stitch, french knots, split stitch, laced running stitch, and satin stitch. I also used many colors of DCM embroidery floss including metallic floss for the wording (metallic floss requires great time and care to prevent kinks from forming). Here is the completed 8x10 piece prepared for framing in a 11x14 matte.
50 years and counting

The brake lights are red french knots!

Although I am looking forward to it, I cannot imagine being married for 50 years. I send my sincere congratulations to the couple.  I feel so privileged to be a part of such a momentous event in this small way. I hope it brings the customer much joy when they see it.

If you would like me to stitch something up for you  please let me contact me here.

Happy Sewing,

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