Sunday, February 23, 2014

Look at theses goodies I won!

The Sew News Amy Butler Beautiful Belle Sew-Along had a giveaway for participating. The winner was chosen by random and I was the fortunate one to win the bounty. Here is what received in the post this week!
A lovely sewing box filled with notions!

Embroidery Patterns and Floss

To replace the rubber band I currently use :)
Two retractable scissor buddies to replace my current solution.

This has worked as a holding place, but it requires that I put it back when I am done... The scissor buddy always keeps the scissors with a clip!
I don't knit, but my cousin wants to learn, so this will be gifted to her.

This looks great as another option for making DIY labels.

Just wow! The quilts in this book are awe inspiring!

There are some fun projects to make in this one! Stay tuned!

The one I am most excited about!
Stencils, stencils, stencils! There are fourteen wonderful designs in this book that can be used alone or combined. The stencils are large scale and made of a durable plastic/paper material. It seems they will hold up to multiple uses.  

This will look lovely on a dress. I do have a stockpile of cotton jersey...
I like this one on pillows or bordering curtains perhaps.
 I am so happy with the bags I completed in this Sew-Along. Winning the giveaway was just the best icing on the cake!

Happy Sewing!

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  1. Holy moly, what a haul! Congratulations,and how awesome to get stencils!