Monday, February 24, 2014

I would like to take a moment to brag.

Sewing is in my blood and in my family. I grew up watching my mother and great aunt sew. I knew how to sew, but I would only mend buttons or fix an occasional hem. The birth of my daughter over 5 years ago rekindled my love of sewing. I was delighted to make little outfits and have her wear them with pride. When out, we were constantly stopped my strangers who commented on her clothing. This blog was named, in part, for a phrase I was constantly saying as she modeled the clothes: "Thanks, I made them." The rest of the name came from considering the follow-up question, "Can you teach me?".

I began teaching friends in my home, and I thoroughly enjoyed teaching. I was soon encouraged to expand my classes to include more students in a larger space. Last Spring, that is what I did. I had students with some sewing knowledge and others who arrived asking, "What is a bobbin?," and "How do I thread this thing?".  It is always such a thrill to see the looks on their faces when they complete a pair of lounge pants in the first class!

Once the month of classes end, the students go on their way, and I may not know if they continue to use their new skill. Guess what? Some do! Have a look at what my former student, Pop Culture Mom, made for her darling daughters for Go Texan Day:


These beautiful girls are adorable in their fringe trimmed Go Texan Day outfits! I am so proud of their mom! She arrived at the lessons with her boxed Hello Kitty sewing machine and a fierce determination to have it not get the best of her! It clearly has not, and I am sure there are many more outfits to which she will say, "Thanks, I made them!"

My next round of lessons will begin in April. The details can be found here. I cannot wait to watch as apprehension fades to pride on my students' faces.

Happy Sewing!

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  1. Beautiful girls and dresses. Quite worthy of bragging. Love that you are teaching. Mentoring is the best.