Monday, February 17, 2014

Doodling on my Beautiful Belle Bag

We are in week three of the Beautiful Belle Handbag Sew-Along. This is the week of construction and customizing our bags. It has been so hard not sewing ahead and finishing my bag in a day. To slow myself down, I have been reading Hoopla: The Unexpected Art of Embroidery . It is a great book showcasing artists who use embroidery in innovative ways.

This book got me thinking about doodling on my  Amy Butler, Bliss Bouquet fabric. I knew I was not going to do anything extreme on this improvised piece, but I wanted to try something. While the kids took advantage of a 70 degree day, I took to the hoop.

Don't you just love french knots?

Split Stitches
Reverse Back-stitch
Some filling stitches

The stitches will be on one side of the bag and gives a little dimension and texture. I did not plan the stitches on this, it was a stitch as I went project. I am happy with this and am really excited to see the completed bag!

Happy Sewing,


  1. Oh my gosh - that is so cool! Love the French knots especially, and did you use 2 strands of embroidery thread for the split stitches? I never heard of that technique. Just gorgeous!

    1. Thanks! They were all made with 6 strands of floss. I love split stitches! They are faster than reverse back-stitches and more interesting than running stitches.

  2. Such a good reminder to slow down and enjoy the creative process. I'm always so hyper just to get projects done. Love the embroidered accents.


    1. I have to remind myself of this EVERY time. I thought I would continue to pace myself with the bag, but others in the sew-along are done! I finished them today!